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STATERA LAW Announces Opening of New Law Firm

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Peter Russell, Jonathan Goldman, Joseph O’Sullivan & Kyle Smith have partnered to form Statera Law

Attorney Peter Russell (founder of Russell + Associates) and Attorneys Jonathan Goldman, Joseph O’Sullivan, and Kyle Smith (former colleagues) have joined forces to open Statera Law, a new law firm with a primary focus on providing real estate legal counsel to clients.

“Statera” is Latin for balanced and also brings to mind the common abbreviation “Stat” from the Latin word statim, meaning immediate or quick. This name symbolizes the firm’s general approach – the use of the collective resources of the law firm’s members of diversified backgrounds to provide a balanced legal response in a very time-sensitive manner.

With more than 85 years of aggregate expertise in all aspects of real estate conveyancing, Statera Law is equipped to address any real estate legal need, large or small. This firm’s areas of knowledge include contract and lease negotiations, purchases and sale negotiations, refinances, zoning, and land use.

Critical to a law firm’s ability to service real estate clients is the approval to represent a buyer’s lender. Statera Law begins with recognition by over 125 institutions lending to buyers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – an impressive number by any conveyancing firm’s standards. Furthermore, Peter Russell, through Russell + Associates, was a very early adopter of cutting-edge technology, platforms, and systems rapidly being adopted and arguably a staple in the modern conveyancing environment. These systems and platforms will continue to serve as the backbone of Statera Law’s operations.

In addition to Attorneys Russell, Goldman, O’Sullivan, and Smith, Attorneys Brendan Armour and Shaun Parkin of Russell + Associates will remain on staff and continue in their roles as senior associates at Statera Law.

Statera Law is also very proud to announce the addition of Attorney Amy Scopa, an exceptional real estate lawyer with a background as a real estate paralegal. Atty. Scopa will be joining Statera Law and will quickly serve a critical role in supporting and growing the firm. She will additionally serve as Chief Operating Officer at Statera Law.

“We are thrilled to join forces and get to work,” said Jon Goldman. “This is a top-notch team with the know-how to help clients navigate the complex world of Massachusetts real estate.” Goldman also noted, “Knowing that attorneys are only as good as their paralegals and support staff, we are thrilled to have, in my opinion, two of the best paralegals in real estate, Nancy Molinari and Crystal Basile.”

“Our goal is for clients to enjoy an incredibly smooth experience with Statera Law,” said Peter Russell. “We’ve pooled our resources and relationships to establish an efficient and seamless system for lenders, buyers, and sellers alike in both residential and commercial closings.”

Statera Law will operate out of a completely renovated office space at 181 Wells Ave., Suite 104, Newton, MA; a Back Bay office located at 359-361 Newbury Street, Suite 506, Boston, MA 02115; and the acclaimed Brewer Young Mansion, located at 734 Longmeadow St., Suite 301, Longmeadow, MA.

Questions about news and developments regarding Statera Law can be directed to the main office phone number at 781-444-5151. For more information on the firm and attorneys, please visit

Attorney Russell can be reached at

Attorney Goldman can be reached at

Attorney O’Sullivan can be reached at

Attorney Smith can be reached at

Attorney Scopa can be reached at

Attorney Parkin can be reached at

Attorney Armour can be reached at

Paralegal Nancy Molinari can be reached at

Paralegal Crystal Basile can be reached at

Released August 5, 2021


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