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 For All of Your Real Estate, Family Law and Estate Planning Legal Needs

At Statera Law, everything we do ties back to real estate. With a highly experienced team of attorneys and paralegals, Statera Law provides a full range of legal services to buyers, sellers, refinance borrowers, homeowners, developers, investors, and mortgage lenders throughout Massachusetts.

Critical to a law firm’s ability to service real estate clients is the approval to represent a buyer’s lender. Statera Law is approved to represent well over 150 institutions lending to buyers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other New England states (an impressive number by any conveyancing firm’s standards).

As real estate is often one of the largest vehicles for individuals to accumulate wealth in their lifetime, once real estate is acquired, it should be contemplated and protected as part of that individuals larger estate plan.  Looking to create an estate plan from scratch or update an existing estate plan in light of a recent real estate acquisition, Statera Law's team is here and ready to assist. 

Many buyers of real estate enter into a joint purchase of a home or piece or property wanting to have a clear understanding of where monies came from for the purchase and where monies should flow to in the event of some form of future disagreement or separation.  While extremely sad, it is also a well-known statistic that more than half of all marriages currently end in divorce and as such, many real estate sales are the direct result of divorces. At Statera Law, our team can quickly step in to help to analyze and structure agreements between clients in contemplation of a real estate purchase and should some form of future disagreement or separation occur, assist in its resolution and the winding up of any related real estate sale or structured refinance.

In addition, Statera Law was an early adopter of cutting-edge technology, platforms and systems rapidly being adopted and arguably a staple in the modern conveyancing environment.  These systems and platforms serve as the backbone of Statera Law’s operations and help Statera Law to stay on the forefront of a rapidly evolving real estate conveyancing industry.


“We worked with Kyle [Smith] to purchase a condo in the Boston area, and he was fantastic. Our first attempt fell through when he picked up a special assessment that would be levied later in the year ($84K), which would have added substantially to the overall cost of the condo. On our second attempt, which was successful, the mortgage company was extremely nitpicky and it was touch and go until the last moment. Kyle's support throughout that process was invaluable. And then, after we closed, we discovered a zoning issue we had been unaware of, and he did some digging into that for us even through he had no obligation to do so. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a real estate attorney in the Boston area.” 


—  Karen S., Condo Purchase

Practice Areas


Buying and Selling

The home buying process, especially for first time buyers, can be a nerve-racking and daunting experience.  Conversely, many of our clients are selling a home for the first time.  At Statera Law, we recognize that the purchase of real estate often represents the single most important purchase in one’s lifetime and in turn, the equity built in real estate is often one’s largest vehicle of wealth accumulation.  Therefore, we approach every purchase and sale with the same personal significance placed on it by our clients. When we finally close on the purchase or sale of your home, as we hear from our clients time and time again, you’ll be amazed at how simple and seamless the process has been.


Zoning Analysis and Relief

Simply put, local zoning codes tell you what you can do with your property and the size and location of what you can build on it. A common misconception by many of our clients is that you have to be a big developer to get tripped up by local zoning codes.  While it is true that developers are most likely to have zoning issues, even smaller projects by home owners may need zoning relief.  Looking to expand into your basement or attic or to build a deck or expand your existing one?  These are all things that may trigger the need for relief from local zoning codes.  At Statera Law, we can assist both homeowners and seasoned developers with zoning analysis and needed relief from local zoning codes.  

Lease Review and Negotiations

For many of our clients, the acquisition of real estate is only the start of their real estate journey.  Post acquisition, they then become landlords.  Statera Law offers a wide array of legal guidance to our clients as it relates to their new found role of landlord.  Looking to acquire a commercial property and review a lease for an existing commercial tenant or negotiate a new lease after closing?  The attorneys at Statera Law are additionally here to help with the review and negotiation of commercial leases.


Condominium Conversions

At Statera Law we help clients create condominiums from both ground up new construction and convert existing multifamily properties into condos. Tired of being a landlord or need to free up some of the equity you’ve built in your home but don’t want to leave the place you’ve been living in for years? At Statera Law we have helped many such landlords and owners convert their existing multifamily properties into condos, sell off some of their units (thereby sharing the responsibility of maintenance) and tap into the equity they’ve built in the property over the years.  

Commercial Real Estate & Development

Most real estate law firms can only assist developers in the acquisition and sell out of a development project.  At Statera Law we are a one stop shop for real estate developers. With legal knowledge grounded in real estate finance, we can assist as early in the process as pro forma creation and analysis.  Not certain what your end project can garner due to local zoning codes?  With our knowledge and ability to assist clients with zoning analysis and relief, we assist developers in negotiating option and structured contracts that are contingent on the scope of granted zoning relief – a process that we can also guide you through. In short, Statera Law picks up where most law firms leave off. 




Unbeknownst to most homeowners, when a lender provides a loan to purchase a home or for a refinance or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) on property, a law firm is inherently involved in this process. At Statera Law, we work diligently with our contacts in the title industry to assist many local lenders and mortgage companies in their loan origination to their clients in the purchase and refinance (including HELOCs) of real estate.  Have questions on refinancing or need recommendations for local lenders? Please contact our office…we’re here and happy to help.  

Estate Planning

Real estate is often an individual’s largest asset in their “estate.”  What happens to an individual’s assets upon their passing, and establishing this directive in writing, is part of the larger concept of “Estate Planning.”  It is often advisable to make a written “Estate Plan” in advance of one’s passing, which includes naming the people or entities to whom an individual intends to leave their assets after their passing.  Taking the legal steps necessary to effectuate their intent while minimizing taxes, legal fees, and court costs is the basis of estate planning.  The attorneys at Statera Law are here to assist with the creation of, or updates to, estate plans following the acquisition of real estate. 

Family Law


Domestic Relations

Family law, also referred to as domestic relations in many states, is the broad category of law that covers items like marriage, divorcechild custodyadoptiondomestic violence, reproductive rights, and other matters regarding family relationships. Real Estate often plays a central and critical role within a marriage or family and as such, is often the focus of family law related proceedings.  At Statera Law, our team can assist with a broad range of such matters with a specific attention to how our clients real estate dealings should be structured into their larger family law related legal planning.   

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